So, I am on my way home from work last week, heard sirens and looked around to see where they were coming from, after all isn’t there a rule that that is what you are supposed to do?  I realized the ambulance was coming from behind me and since there were three lanes of traffic, I moved to the far right so that I wouldn’t be in their way.  Again isn’t there a rule for that?  I quickly noticed I was the only car that got out of the way.  What the heck, if that were my family member I would PRAY that people would get out of the way so that the paramedics could get there quick enough to save their life!  There are 3 lanes, 3 lanes people!  I don’t care if you need to turn left, get the heck out of the way!  What the heck is wrong with America these days???

After such a sickening experience I began to ponder…no wonder we can’t get through to the people around here about the importance of taking care of their animals, they don’t even care about their fellow man.  How sad is that?  So I began to become even more sick at my stomach.  I, along with many others, put so much effort and time into rescuing animals, providing education on animal welfare and the importance of spay/neuter, and the politics involved with having humane legislation passed.  I just had to wonder are our efforts just going into a big black hole?  Are we really the only people who care?  Why oh why does this feel like a race on a treadmill?  Then I got home, saw my three beautiful RESCUED babies, and my 6 beautiful fosters waiting for adoption, and that sickening feeling was replaced with love.  That’s what makes it all worthwhile.  They are just 9 of the lives I have saved, and although it doesn’t make a difference for all the homeless and abandoned animals out there, I know I have made the world a better place for the ones I have saved, and there is no way that effort is wasted : )

Please remember that even though you may just be one person, your efforts are not meaningless, and you are making a difference,  so keep on trucking along because if you don’t, who will??