Who doesn’t LOVE puppies and kittens???  In fact, many pet owner do not spay or neuter their pets because they like having puppies/kittens around the house.  “They are just so stinking cute at that age”.  They put ads or signs out “puppies/kittens free to good home”, give them all away, and the do it all over again the next time.  Here’s the problem with that:

What’s the definition of a “good” home??

To some, it is a home where they will receive food and water, others think it is a home where they will be loved, and some people just don’t really care, the cuteness wears off and they just want them out of their hair.

The fact is that most people adopt/take in puppies and kittens on impulse, without thinking long term, and once the “awww” factor wears off, the animal suffers.  Pet adoption is something that should be thought out and carefully considered.  People should educate themselves on what responsible pet ownership truly entails.

The true definition of a good (responsible) home:  A home where a pet is considered a part of the family, is provided food, water, shelter, routine & emergency vet care, and is spayed or neutered.


One un-spayed female cat can generate over 400,000 offspring during the course of its life.

One un-spayed female dog can result in over 67,000 unwanted puppies.

Only a small percentage of these animals actually end up adopted into good homes, the rest are euthanized in shelters or are killed on the streets.  It is up to us as humans to put an end to the suffering.

Still think you need a puppy/kitten fix every once in a while??  Try fostering for your local shelters or rescue groups.  It is ideal for puppies/kittens to be born in homes rather than in shelters, they have a better chance of survival.  Most shelters provide the vet care, i.e. shots and spay/neuter, and once the babies are old enough to be spayed or neutered, they go back to the shelter for adoption.

In doing this you serve two purposes – you get your puppy/kitten fix, and you increase their chances of survival exponentially.

The is no other way to end the suffering and euthanization of adoptable animals.